StarPac Road

The StarPac Road sensor mounts to a vehicle license plate holder. This multifunction sensor measures road noise, road surface temperature, road color, ambient temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. It is powered by a 12v. connection to the car battery and transfers data over Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 to an android based gateway device.

StarPac Sky

The StarPac Sky sensor mounts on the inside of a vehicle windshield. It measures windshield wiper frequency, precipitation type, and solar radiation. It connects over Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 to an Android-based gateway device.

StarPac Wheel

The StarPac Wheel sensor is currently in development. It mounts to a vehicle wheel and will be powered by harvested energy. The Wheel sensor measures the inertial motion of the wheel. When combined with a vehicle mounted inertial motion sensor, we can calculate the coefficient of friction between the vehicle tire and the pavement. This critical measurement will allow Sensar to develop road hazard warnings of conditions such as black ice, and loss of traction due to wet or snow packed roads.

StarSystem Weather

The StarSystem Weather station is a free standing, solar or line powered fixed location Road Weather Information Station (RWIS). It measures 12 different ambient and surface environmental signals including wind direction and speed, precipitation type and amount, humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation and ambient temperature. It can be affixed to existing infrastructure or ground mounted.

StarCore MultiBoard

The StarCore MultiBoard is a PCB board level product that is designed to serve as the basis of sophisticated line powered sensor packs where the customer wants to measure multiple sensor inputs. With Sensar’s StarStream protocol built in to the MCU firmware, customers can build superior wireless sensors for use-specific measurement tasks.

StarCore Beacon

The StarCore Beacon is a PCB board level product that is designed to serve as the basis of compact wireless sensor devices. It is equipped with a TDK Inertial Motion Unit. The Beacon Board is fully integrated with Sensar’s StarCore data packet protocol for full duplex data transmission and control. The Beacon Board transmits over a Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 radio to an Android based gateway device.