Sensar In Alaksa

Vehicle safety in adverse weather conditions is a key commercial focus for Sensar.

Sensar works with state DOT’s and commercial fleets to provide road hazard warnings to the driving public and to fleet drivers so they can arrive safely at their destinations.

There are more than 5.7 million vehicular crashes on the nation’s roads and highways each year. About 22% of those accidents are related to weather. As many as one out of every four traffic accident deaths and 445,000 injuries each year are the result of crashes in some type of inclement weather. 46% of weather-related crashes occurred during rainfall, and fully 73% occurred on wet roads. 27% of accidents occur during snowy and icy road conditions.

Sensar’s StarPack Road and Sky sensors have been deployed throughout the State of Alaska by the Alaska DOT. Operating in some of the harshest weather conditions in North America, license plate mounted, wireless StarPacks have achieved uptime levels of 97%. This is thanks to relentless data packet level engineering to develop a robust, self-healing full duplex transmission and management protocol.

Watch the Alaska Use Case video to hear our customer’s perspective on this amazing IOT system.